Leadership Team

CMD Profile

Abhishek R. Chola is the FoundingChairman & Managing Director of Just Clean Global Pvt. Ltd. He established Just Clean in 2016 with a vision to create an enterprise that can foresee and meet the requirements of India’s future.

A Civil Engineer from JamiaMilliaIslamia, Abhishek has a background in construction engineering and project management. He has channelized his experience in handling large-scale projects by working extensively towards employment generation, skill development, provision of manpower, resources and systems to help businesses grow and sustain. His vision is to create an atmosphere of employment where 80 Crore people of the country can participate in the creation of their own self-esteemed life. He continuously participates in Government Policies to give an atmosphere to the deprived sections of the country who have been left behind in the last few decades due to lack of employment, educational policies, skills and training, and market knowledge. Abhishek’s personal ambition is to create a self-sufficient module of employment for the differently abled where they are able to live with dignity and assured means of meaningful livelihood.